Some frequently asked questions

What is the minimum age/maximum age to laser tag?

Laser games are just about for all ages.

However, the minimum age is 7 years, this for security reasons.

There is no maximum age.

How to dress(clothes, shoes)?

Comfortable clothing and shoes are recommended.

In warm weather, an extra t-shirt is no luxury.

We are not equipped with shower rooms, but you can Always change yourself in our sanitary space.

Is there parking space?

We have no less than 100 parking plots which are free of charge.

I'm pregnant, can I play lasergame?

Lasergame is harmless during pregnancy, the laser beams are completely safe.

We do ask you to be careful at all times as our arena is equipped with the necessary hurdles and floors.

Is lasergame harmful to the eyes?

The laser beams at a laser game are harmless to the eyes.